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5 best hair toners to naturalise colour

If you want to enhance the colour and texture of your tresses, include the best hair toners in your hair care routine.

Have you recently dyed your hair or are you planning to do so? If yes, then you must get a better understanding of hair toners. After getting your tresses coloured, it is essential to neutralise and preserve your strands. But, you also might have noticed that sometimes hair becomes brassy and doesn’t look natural after dyeing. This is where hair toner comes into play! Including hair toners in your hair care routine is a great way to avoid these problems and add shine and dimension to your tresses. So, check out this list of the best hair toners and enhance your hair texture.

What is a hair toner?

Hair toner is a beauty product that is used to boost new colours, neutralise unwanted tones and contribute to the overall health of your tresses. This semi-permanent hair colour product deposits the pigments onto the hair shaft to alter its colour subtly. It is believed that regular use of hair toners can strengthen your tresses, improve their texture, make them soft and less prone to breakage.

5 best hair toners for better tones and texture

The best hair toners in India are especially designed for coloured tresses. Here are some of the top hair toner brands that you must try for improving your hair’s texture.

1. Bold Uniq Blonde Toner Spray

The Bold Uniq Blonde Toner Spray is one of the best hair toners for blonde hair. This purple toning spray neutralises the tones with ease and smooths the blonde, platinum, grey and silver tresses. Regular use of this spray can help tame brassiness because of the presence of deep purple hues and rebalance the colour of your tresses. It helps maintain your radiant and eye-catching blonde without causing any breakage. It contains lavender oil, coconut oil, watermelon seed oil, jojoba seed oil and marula seed oil, which helps this toner provide nourishing and calming benefits to your tresses. In addition, the brand also claims that the product is free of sulphate, paraben, cruelty, phthalate, mineral oil and formaldehyde, which makes it safe for your hair and environment.

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2. Generic Havish Hair Toner

This hair toner for black hair by Generic is the right choice. It is packed with the goodness of hibiscus rosa sinensis, jabo, thaju occidentalis, sabal serrulata, and eclipta prostate. Apply this toner all over your scalp and gently massage in circular motion for 10 minutes to improve the overall health of your hair. With its regular use, this toner can reduce hair fall and regrow hair follicles. It also helps increase hair density, reduce dandruff and treat itchy scalp.

3. Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tonality Toner

The Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tonality Toner is a violet based toner that contains no fragrance, peroxide, ethyl alcohol or sulphates. This easy to use and fuss free toner enhances shine and moisture in your tresses while taming brassiness. It helps you get salon-like style without making you feel uncomfortable because of chemical odours. This toner claims to be free of paraben, ammonia, PPD, cruelty and gluten.

4. Jerome Russell Punky Semi Permanent Hair Color Conditioning

The Jerome Russell Punky Semi Permanent Hair Color Conditioning is a perfect toner for those who love experimenting with hair colours. It helps you get vibrant platinum tones without causing any damaging effects. It promises to help maintain the pale, blonde and silky hair. Free of peroxide, this toner is safe for all hair types. It also helps to nourish your tresses, prevent breakages, tame frizzy and dry hair. This toner gives a long-lasting effect, which makes it a reliable choice. In addition, the brand also states that the product is Non-GMO and free of sulphate, paraben, gluten, ammonia and PPD.

5. Ion Icy White Crème Toner Icy White

If you want a different look, try this Ion Icy White Crème Toner. It will transform your tresses into vibrant, pure white colour. In addition, after the application of this toner, your tresses will feel soft, healthy and free from dryness. It deeply conditions your hair and leaves your hair feeling silky.

What are the benefits of hair toners?

  • The primary benefit of hair toners is their ability to neutralise unwanted tones in your tresses. It deposits pigments that counteract undesirable hues and helps achieve a more balanced and natural looking hair colour.
  • Besides neutralising the unwanted tones, toners also help enhance your natural or colour-treated hair colour. It provides pigments that complement your base shade and enrich the depth and dimension of your hair colour.
  • Hair toners impart shine and lustre to your tresses. These products are made using conditioning properties and light-reflecting particles that help smooth the hair cuticles and make your hair look vibrant and healthy.
  • Over time, hair colour fades away due to several external factors. But, these toners offer a quick solution for refreshing the faded colour.
  • Most of the hair toners are free of ammonia, peroxide, parabens and sulphates, which makes them safe for your hair.

How to use hair toners?

Using the hair toners in the correct manner is important to enhance its effectiveness.

  • Prepare your tresses. Wash your hair and towel-dry them to ensure that they are free from any styling products or residue.
  • Now, apply the toner evenly throughout your hair using gloves to avoid any stains.
  • Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the recommended processing time for better results.
  • Once the processing time is over, rinse the toner with lukewarm water.
  • Apply a colour-safe conditioner to nourish and hydrate your hair.

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